Agatha's Mother is an unseen character in PARANORMAN and is the mother of Agatha Prenderghast. Alongside with her eleven-year-old daughter, Agatha's Mother lived in Blithe Hollow. Very little is known about her, and it is unknown whether she was married or didn't have a husband during Agatha's years of living. However, she is said to have been a loving mother, as deeply loved by Agatha.

In 1712, Agatha's Mother was deeply hurt and heartbroken when her daughter was accused of witchcraft and was taken away from her. It was not know what happened to her after her daughter died being hung.

For about 300 years, Agatha's soul was not able to return to her mother, having been forgotten about it because of her vengeful feelings and at plotting to put her revenge on the people whom had wronged and killed her. However, she and Agatha were reunited after being confronted by Norman Babcock, whom has the same ability as her, being able to see the dead and speak to them. Agatha's mother, to some extent, was very much similar to Norman's mother, Sandra, as she is loving and supports her child's gift.[Citation needed]