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Alan Snow
Occupation: Novelist and Illustrator
Nationality: British
Genres: Fantasy
Notable work(s): Here Be Monsters!, Pants Ahoy!, The Man in the Iron Socks, Cheese Galore, Worse Things Happen at Sea!, Going Under!, The Worst Goo in the World, Cheezilla

Alan Snow is an English artist, working with books, animations, film and computers. He has written and illustrated over 160 books for children, including HOW DOGS REALLY WORK, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS, and HOW SANTA REALLY WORKS. He has also worked on a very diverse range of other projects, including works on the design of a children's science museum in Japan and the design of a project robot currently on sale worldwide.

He is a well-known author and illustrator of children's books and has also worked in many fields of design and animation. He written novels also include: HERE BE MONSTERS! and WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA!, both set in the wonderfully weird world of Ratbridge. Snow lives in Bath, England.

The stop-motion film THE BOXTROLLS that will be release on October 2014 is based on his work, HERE BE MONSTERS!, which is also his first novel.