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Courtney Babcock
Name: Courtney Babcock
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Human
Affiliation: Blithe Hollow
Voiced by: Anna Kendrick

Courtney Babcock is the older sister of Norman and the daughter of Sandra and Perry Babcock. She is a cheerleader and acts stereotypically sarcastic and ironical, most of the time. In the film, she is voiced by Anna Kendrick.

Overview Edit

In the beginning, Courtney is seen to resent Norman, and when he says he can see the dead, she goes out of her way to prove that he's a liar. However, by the time she puts aside their differences and stands up to him, she is revealed to love Norman with all her heart despite the fact that she acts like she hates him. She is 17-year-old, but is born in 1995.

Courtney is seen to be in a tight pink sports outfit that hugs her curves and shows her stomach. She constantly attempted to have flirted with Mitch Downe during the events of the night of the 300th Anniversary of the witch's hanging. She is later disappointed when she finds out Mitch is gay after he mentions his "boyfriend."


Innocent, Frustrated, Snobbish, Skinny

Alignment: Good