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Ghost Children
Name(s): Sweet Ghost Girl, Tall Ghost Girl, Ghost Boy
Species: Ghosts
Affiliation: Pink Palace, Other World, Real World, Coraline Jones, Beldam

The Ghost Children are the first victims of the Other Mother who used to be in the same position as Coraline, but later gave in to the Beldam's counterfeit happiness. After the Other Mother had finished with them, they were imprisoned behind the mirror and was cursed for light to shrivel and burn them, making them unable to get out. In the end, they are freed by Coraline whom found their eyes in the "three wonders" of the Other World. One of them is the twin sister of Wybie's Grandmother.

Overview Edit

Film Edit

In the film and similarly to the book, the Ghost Children were discovered by Coraline, after being dragged by the Other Mother, behind the mirror. However, the space inside is a lot bigger in the film and a rotten bed is found inside. Then they explained to Coraline what had happened to them:

"She spied on our lives through the little doll's eyes.
And saw that we weren't happy.
So she lured us away with treasures and treats,
and games to play, gave all that we asked.
Yet we still wanted more.
So we let her sew the buttons.
She said that she loved us. But she locked us here.
And ate up our lives."

Retrieving their eyes was the way for them to be freed and finally be sent to heave, so they asked Coraline if she could find their eyes for them, in which Coraline whole-heartedly accepted. Every time Coraline finds the Ghost Children's eyes, the nearby surrounding crumbles and turns ashen and grey. They helped out Coraline, after she'd tricked the Other Mother, close the little door against the Beldam and later thanked her after being set free in Coraline's dream. But they also warn her that there is only one key for the little door and that the Beldam still lived and wanted to steal it.

In the film, Coraline described Mr's Lovat's twin sister as the Sweet Ghost Girl, Ghost Boy as the boy, and the last girl as the Tall Ghost Girl.

Book Edit

In the book, the Ghost Children were trapped behind the mirror; but unlike in the film, the space inside was much smaller and darker. The Ghost Children feared the Other Mother, whom they refer to as the Beldam, and they also explained what had happened to them. When Coraline asked them to come with her when the Beldam comes and lets her out, the Ghost children responded that they wished they could. Because the Beldam had their hearts in her keeping, the Ghost Children belonged in the dark and the empty places. According to them, the light would shrivel and burn them.

Physical Appearance Edit

Film Edit

The Ghost Chilren had buttons for eyes and almost translucent and pale form but clear enough to fully see and identify them and still have a face of general displeasure on their faces. After Coraline found their eyes and freed them through her dream, the Ghost Children appeared to be of shimmering gold with halos, beautiful wings and finally with their real eyes.


It is not immediately said what their appearance looked like in book, which can be assumed that they were not clear enough to be noticeable. According to Coraline, after getting used to the darkness behind the mirror, the Ghost Children were "as faint and pale as the moon in the daytime sky." In the graphic picture in the book, the Ghost Chilren did not appear to have button for eyes.