Other World
Created by: Other Mother
Inhabitants: Other Father, Other Wybie, Other Mr. Bobinsky, Other Miss Spink, Other Miss Forcible, Other Scottie Dogs
Affiliated: Little Door

The Other World is the parallel version of the Real World, created and crafted into perfection by the Other Mother whom is also known as the Beldam. The Other World is located behind the little door inside the drawing room in the Pink Palace of Coraline's flat, where everything seems to be a better version of the Real World.

Overview Edit

The Other World is originally only a world of white and blankness with only the Other Mother's web, located in the drawing room of the Other World, as its entirety, which explains the Other Mother's spider-like form at the near end of the film. However, it is never explained why it was there, why it was created and where it came from.

Nearing to the point where everything is beginning to turn wrong, it is already very much obvious that the little door, the only entrance and exit to the Other World, only opens to children like Coraline and the Ghost Children — young ones who are unsatisfied with one they have and think that they're not being paid attention enough.[Citation needed] In the first encounter of the little door, the hallway appears to be of shimmering bright colors, which may be part of luring children in and draw curiosity.[Citation needed] However, by the end of the film, as seen by Coraline, the hallway in through the little door and out changed into nothing like the first it seemed to be.

Inhabitants Edit

Creations Edit

  • Other Father — is a singer-pianist, as well as a gardener. He acts like the Other Mother's slave, showing a scared and traumatized attitude. However, he still seems to retain some aspects of Coraline's real father, repeatedly stating that the Other Mother is forcing him to do this and that, and that he truly does not want to hurt Coraline.
  • Other Wybie — is the other version of the the geeky, nervous eleven-year-old grandson of Coraline's landlady. He has been rendered incapable of speech by the Other Mother as she thought Coraline would prefer him that way.
  • Other Mr. Bobinsky — is the ringmaster of a circus of rats which are disguised as jumping mice, and is also made of actual black rats.
  • Other Miss Spink and Other Miss Forcible — are young, beautiful, Shakespeare-quoting acrobats and later they merge as a green and pink monster made out of taffy and the dogs turn into dog-bats. Saunders and French both collaborated in the animated series of Pongwiffy.
  • Other Scottie Dogs — are the other version of Miss Spink and Miss Forcible pets, which seems to be much more intelligent than the original. Later, they became dog-like bats that hung upside-down in the theater room of the flat downstairs, witnessed by Coraline.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first scene with the other dining room, on the wall behind Coraline, there are three silhouette portraits of children. They are actually the silhouettes of the three Ghost Children that Coraline later meets.